E-Money $NGM delegation guide by MyCointainer (cold staking)

4 min readApr 7, 2021


Anyone can delegate & stake $NGM following a few simple steps.

This guide covers delegation using Keplr browser extension and Ledger hardware wallet.

Access to e-Money wallet via Keplr Browser Extension

Step 1. Download Keplr Browser Extension.

Step 2. Create a new Keplr account using one of the available options. You can choose to log in with a google account, create a completely new account, or import ledger. If you choose “create new wallet” secure/write down your Mnemonic Seed.

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Step 3. Once the account has been successfully connected it will appear in your browser extensions, and you can access it directly at Keplr Dashboard.

Access your new wallet via https://wallet.e-money.com/ choosing “Kelpr Browser Extension” (image 4) and then use generated account by clicking “Use Account” (image 5).

Image 4, Image 5

Once your wallet is set-up you are ready to start staking your $NGM. To start, transfer your assets into your Keplr wallet. Then you can start delegation! Go to headline “Simple e-Money delegation steps” of the Guide.

Note: A delegation transaction via Keplr is currently taking 0.5 $NGM as network fees.

Access to e-Money wallet via Ledger:

Step 1. Connect your Ledger device to your computer and unlock it. If you have a Cosmos application, proceed to Step 4. If you do not have it, download Ledger official app (Ledger Live) here and install it.

Step 2. After installation go to the “Manager” tab in Ledger Live and install the Cosmos application (images 6, 7, 8). Follow the guidelines shown in the app throughout the process.

Image 6, Image 7, Image 8

Step 3. After the successful installation of Cosmos app you can close Ledger Live.

Step 4. Now you can access your wallet via https://wallet.e-money.com/.

Connect your Ledger device to your computer if it’s not connected yet and unlock it. Open your Cosmos app using the device. Then choose “Ledger Nano” in e-Money wallet website (image 9). The e-Money wallet will connect to the wallet address generated by Ledger.

Image 9, Image 10

Step 5. If you have any problems — the view from image 10 may appear. Make sure your ledger is locked and the Cosmos app is open. Then refresh the page and try again clicking “Connect Ledger”.

Once your wallet is set-up you are ready to start staking your $NGM. To start, transfer your assets into your Ledger Wallet. Then you can start delegation!

Simple e-Money delegation steps:

Step 1. Simply go to MyCointainer node and click “Stake” (image 11).

Image 11

Step 2. At the bottom right of the page a new window will appear (image 12). Select the amount you wish to delegate/stake. Then click “Next” to confirm your delegation.

Image 12

Important: Always leave at least 2 $NGM in your available balance for future delegations or to cover withdrawals/reinvestments.

Step 3. After you have approved the transaction, you can verify your staking by clicking the ‘Portfolio’ tab in the left side bar. Congratulations you have successfully delegated your $NGM.

Note: Once delegated, it takes 21 days for your NGM to unstake due to network rules.

Why delegate to the MyCointainer node?

MyCointainer is a regulated, experienced validator of more than 100+ assets available on the platform. Advanced architecture and years of experience on the market ensures full security of the funds.

An advantage of cold staking is you are still in control of the coins you own and your rewards will retain in your safekeeping. MyCointainer node cannot access your NGM funds and will not have any portion of your stake rewards.

Additional Benefits

Skip Staking Fee Token
To be applied for over 100 assets on MyCointainer Platform
+50% Reward Fees back
Directly to your MyCointainer Wallet
Lottery Ticket
For each delegation.

Each user who has delegated at least 300 NGM for 3 months or more has a chance to win 250 EUR every month. To take advantage of additional benefits you must complete the form before the delegation.

For additional help with staking or to learn more about e-Money stablecoins visit MyCointainer e-Money asset page.

You can find all available MyCointainer validators here.




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